Doggerel Decoded

thanks to everyone who participated in the first ever and probably last Doggerel Prize contest!
Below is the list of intended references in the poem and the basis on which points were awarded. 
Of course, we got a lot of other very creative ones as well, and that was the point.
We'll announce the winner (assuming we have permission to publish the name.)


the time has come, the caged bird sings
The Walrus and the Carpenter:  Carroll
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings:  Angelou
of lions' witchy potions,
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe:  C S Lewis
a potter's spell and kings with rings
Harry Potter (any):  J K Rowling
Lord of the Rings:  J R R Tolkein
and sometimes sketchy notions
Sometimes A Great Notion:  Kesey
Tales and Sketches / The Sketch Book:  Washington Irving
the mockingbird will set her eye
To Kill a Mockingbird:  Lee
Go Set a Watchman:  Lee
the alchemist regales
The Alchemist:  Coehlo
the little princes drinking rye
The Little Prince:  Saint-Exupery
The Catcher in the Rye:  Salinger
and the dolls down in the dales
Valley of the Dolls:  Susann
tell handmaiden's tales of two towns
The Handmaid's Tale:  Atwood
A Tale of Two Cities:  Dickens
Tales of the City:  Maupin
The Town:  Faulkner
and of boys in pea green boats
The Boys in the Boat:  Brown
The Owl and the Pussycat:  Lear
a-sail through dunes in worlds unknown
Dune:  Herbert
The Known World:  Jones
trailing kites aloft, afloat
The Kite Runner:  Hosseini
Aloft:  Chang-Rae Lee
The Borrowers Afloat:  Norton
on one cold night a pilgrim might
If On A Winter's Night A Traveler:  Calvino
The Pilgrim's Progress:  Bunyan
The Canterbury Tales:  Chaucer
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek:  Dillard
stop at the river's bending
A Bend in the River:  Naipaul
The River Why:  Duncan
the other road leads out of sight
The Road Not Taken:  Frost
The Road:  McCarthy
Out of Sight:  Elmore Leonard
to where the sidewalk's ending
Where the Sidewalk Ends:  Silverstein
the wind will blow a hundred years
the lonely willows perish
they weep so clear the angels hear,
Wind in the Willows:  Grahame
A Hundred Years of Solitude:  Garcia Marquez
When the Wind Blows:  Patterson
Gone with the Wind:  Mitchell
Down by the Salley Gardens:  Yeats
all eighty-four (or there-ish.)
1Q84:  Murakami
1984:  Orwell
there-ish:  tribute to Ogden Nash -- no one will get this one!
warm suns will rise o'er hills and flats
The Sun Also Rises:  Hemingway
The Warmth of Other Suns:  Wilkerson
Tortilla Flat:  Steinbeck
Flatland:  Abbott
death comes for the dark in flight
Death Comes for the Archbishop:  Cather
The Dark:  Snicket and Klassen
Darkwing:  Oppel
and toads and rats and chapeau'ed cats
The Wind in the Willows:  Grahame
The Pied Piper of Hamelin:  Browning
The Cat in the Hat:  Seuss
dance to bid the moon goodnight
Goodnight Moon:  Brown
The Owl and the Pussycat:  Lear
but we're still here, did croak the rook,
forevermore, as I say:
We're Still Here, Ya Bastards:  Gratz
the rook, aka a black bird: The Maltese Falcon:  Hammett
The Raven:  Poe
Dave Isay (Storycorps)
we come from and live on in books
(but you knew that, Santa Fe.)
Any reference to books on the Santa Fe Trail.