AUTHOR FAQs:  we try to support all authors as evenhandedly as possible. 

Carrying Your Books:  Unless we have a record of sales of your book, or of you as an author in general, our default is to  take your book on consignment, a standard 60 (to you) 40 (to us) split.   If you do decide to consign your book with us, you must agree to hold us harmless in the event of damage or theft.   As books sell, we notify you, and you can restock if you choose to.  We have a 'local author' section and rotate face-outs and books that display on the end-caps of bookcases.  We do not charge authors to carry their books nor do we charge for events. Placement of books in the store is solely at our discretion.   Caveat:  We absolutely reserve the right to refuse to carry any book for any reason. 

Hosted Events: we are happy to host your events as schedules permit.   All events are free and open to the public.  We do not charge authors to host an event.   To request an event,  please email us at '[email protected]'.  Our event coordinator will contact you within 5 days (our event person is part time, so please be patient).  Even if we schedule you through a conversation, it will be tentative until you receive a confirmation email.

Hosting Events:  things we need from you and things we need to tell you:


  • Your Contact Information:  this includes your phone number, email address and your preferred method of being contacted.  If you have a publicist, we need that information as well, and any biographical or bibliographical information you would like us to use.  
  • Information about the book:  Title, format, price, ISBN, image of the cover, summary, blurbs, links, any information about local interviews or press.
  • Dates and times:  when you would prefer to have the event -- please give us several options if possible.
  • Privacy:  We will never - like EVER -- release your personal information,  but if you do give us a bio, as well as images, blurbs, a website, etc,. we're assuming that that info is eligible to be part of the publicity.
  • Supplying and Selling the book:   If you are selling the book yourself (we are happy to support that), then you must supply the stock, and be prepared to handle the entire transaction, including making change, and collecting  and remitting all relevant taxes.    Any book that you supply that is rung through our register will be treated as a consignment sale (i.e., 60% to you, 40% to us.)   We do buy stock for authors with an established sales record for our store;  if so, we assume all responsibility for supplying copies.  We must have two weeks in advance notice in order to ensure we have copies from our supplier.   If you are published via CreateSpace (Amazon publishing)  you must supply the books.
  • Advanced Copies:  having a copy on display in the store is really helpful -- and it's impossible for us to talk about a book if we haven't seen it or had an opportunity to read any part of it -- so it's a good idea to give us at least one for display.   This is not mandatory, but it's good marketing.   And, hey, it might sell before the event. 
  • How you plan to promote your book and the event:  will you or your publisher do anything to promote the event?  Will you list it on your website or link to our site, or use social marketing?  Will you email to your list?   Will you be bringing a group with you for support?   Will you be doing any advertising?    Please note that it is very, very bad form to promote that your book is available on Amazon if you are having an event in a book store.  
  • The Event Itself:  
    • What format do you prefer?   Examples:  self-introduction and reading followed by signing.  Introduction by bookstore, followed by Q&A (some authors won't read).  Presentation (slide show, etc) with reading and signing.   Something interactive (samples from a cookbook, children's crafts).  Some formats take more rearranging than others.
    • How long will it last?  Experience indicates that people start drifting after 30 minutes, so consider what you'd like to do within that rough timeframe. Think about reading for no more than 15 minutes, doing a Q&A for 10, and then signing or mingling.   If you need us to monitor the time, let us know.
  • Reality and Expectations:  if you are a first-time author, and/or self-published, the reality is that you must make a bigger effort to promote your book yourself.   It is likely that most of your initial sales will be to friends and family.  Pre-selling or giving away free copies your book will depress or preempt any sales you may have at an event.   Also consider how many events you are having -- you may saturate the local market.  
  • Chin up: even big-name authors with 'big' books have had low turnout for events, especially when they started out.  At a recent event in Albuquerque, author Khaled Hosseini said that six people showed up for his event for 'Kite Runner', and that was with a big publishing house behind him.  Even if no one comes, the event is not a failure - you're out there, you've built a relationship with a book store, you're practicing.  You never know how connections get made. 


Hosting Events: what we'll provide:


  • Website, email, social marketing, radio and local calendars, handouts, postcards:  we will promote your event on the site, via our email list, flyers and postcards.   We'll post on Facebook and other social sites, and can post flyers at the libraries and public bulletin boards.  We will add your event to local calendars and announcements on the radio (KSFR).   
  • Press releases:  we will send out occasional press releases, but, to be included, you must supply biographic and bibliographic information at least six weeks in advance of the event.  Local media outlets need time to read and respond, and we need time to formulate the releases.
  • Limited print advertising:  we do a limited amount of print advertising, and it's highly selective due to the expense and lack of correlation to actual results. We generally advertise once or twice monthly in the Pasatiempo, however, it may just be a small announcement about upcoming events.
  • Space:   we can clear out various parts of the store, but it's imperative that we have notice.   We have had 50+ people at events in the store, and can work with the Sanbusco staff to use other areas at the mall if necessary.  We have benches, stools, and chairs, and have an agreement to use the chairs from the restaurant as long as they're not serving at the time of the event. 
  • Equipment:  we have a microphone, basic amp and a stand that poses as a lectern. We can also provide a high table at which you can sit or stand to read, and subsequently sign.     We have a screen we can set up (for presentations) and do have a projector.   You should plan to bring your own laptop if you need a computer.
  • Refreshments:  usually, we provide water and cookies for events.